50,000 Times a Day: New York motorists illegally pass buses with their red lights flashing.


Victory! Governor Cuomo has signed legislation to allow school districts to install stop-arm cameras on school buses.

The Problem

Children are rarely more vulnerable than when they are boarding or departing a school bus on busy roadways. Shamefully careless drivers illegally pass school buses stopped with their red lights flashing more than 50,000 times a day in New York State — on average, more than once a day per bus. Incredibly, some motorists are passing on the shoulder, on the passenger side of the bus!

The Solution

Currently, those reckless drivers can only be ticketed if the incident is witnessed by a police officer. NYSUT backs a solution in pending legislation that would allow school buses to be fitted with cameras on their “STOP” sign arms. The cameras would capture the image and license numbers of scofflaws, who could then be tracked down and brought to justice.


© 2019 New York State United Teachers

© 2019 New York State United Teachers